Commissioning a Custom Piece

Have you ever wanted to commission a piece of art based on a favourite family location (house/cottage) or a vacation you just can't forget? Commissioning a painting can be a nervous process, for both you and the artist. You're trusting someone to recreate something incredibly important to you, and that's exactly the reason it's nerve wracking for us too. So what are the steps in commissioning a painting? Let's break it down:

  1. Review the work of several artists you are familiar with and what their subject matter/style is. Find one whose work reflects the subject matter you're asking them to paint. (i.e. don't ask a portrait artist to paint a landscape or vice versa)

  2. Contact the artist to inquire about their commission policy and process. First and foremost it's OK to ask for pricing and to ask to be part of the process. For me, pricing is on a "per sq inch" scale so there are no surprises. You can choose a size based on your budget.

  3. Provide as many reference photos as you can to the artist. The process should involve at least 1-2 conversations about your expectations and their vision.

  4. As an artist, I often provide a sketch of the painting "plan" to the client for approval. THIS IS THE MOMENT to not be shy and make adjustments as per your expectations.

  5. Once the painting is completed, the artist should send to you for final approval. There is SOME wiggle room to make small changes, but remember to be reasonable.

  6. The final painting is yours to keep, but as with all art, the intellectual property belongs to the artist. If the artist is one who sells prints, they may create prints of your piece for sale. If this is an issue, you can discuss the intentions of the artist at the onset of the process.

  7. Have fun with it. For me, it is an honour to create a piece for a client. Always a challenge but incredibly rewarding.

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