Colour and Composition course

Many people who are interested in painting, whether it be as a hobby or to possibly pursue as a career, aren't certain where to start. Maybe you're a self taught painter and would like to home the technical side of your skills, or you are wanting to be guided through the basics of learning to paint. My fall course, Colour and Composition, breaks down the basics of some of the technical pieces of creating art. The course offers 10 lessons in mixing colour, choosing paint, creating your colour story, as well as painting composition, tools of the trade and creating your voice and style.

The course is taught virtually, live, in a closed FB platform and all videos are saved to be watched at your convenience. The course content is saved for four months, which means that you have full access to all instruction as you apply what you've learned to your painting practice.

Colour and Composition also makes an excellent gift for the budding artist in your life.

A full list of suggested supplies is in the course.

Sign up today! It begins soon.

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